Group Exchange

Group exchange is a form of the Work in which participants use the special, quiet conditions established by the group in order to explore themselves and their place in the world.  In the beginning, this exchange may be mostly on an intellectual level, perhaps to satisfy one's curiosity about Work ideas, but later, as Madme de Salzmann says below, perhaps "other aims which we cannot yet imagine" may develop.

People sitting in a circle ready for an exchange in quiet conditions.

"A gathering of men and women was necessary in order for the teaching to live, in order for its life to correspond, among other things, to the needs of each person in terms of his or her search, his or her own need.

Thanks to the Work, these people must learn to be able to exchange among themelves.

Another life must exist among them, a community of another order than any with which we are familiar must take shape among them.

And beyond that may exist still other needs for other aims which we cannot yet imagine."

- Mme. de Salzmann in Reality of Being